When School Reopens

When school reopens, I would like to be in my classroom just as I used to be before the coronavirus came along. When school reopens, I want to see my students sitting at their desks, working independently individually, in pairs, in groups. When school reopens, I want my students to be able to learn from one another, to be able to joke around with one another when they need a light moment, to be able to smile at one another. When school reopens, I don’t want to be sitting in a little corner of my two-bedroom apartment in the South Bronx, a laptop on my lap, stuck in that blue office chair that used to be our living room computer chair and having to teach standing because of hemorrhoid that popped out of nowhere two weeks after transitioning to distance learning. When school reopens, I want to be able to circulate the classroom to exchange with my students as they work in groups to complete various tasks. I want to be able to interject when a student strays away from the task.  When school reopens, I want to restore the human touch to my teaching; I want to do all the things I normally do in class that I cannot do virtually.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Computers are important learning tools. They can complement in-person teaching. They can be used for wholly virtual learning if that is the learner’s deliberate choice. I completed my terminal degree online, but I want to work in person with the students who need this human touch, students who log into the same class session more than twenty times because of faulty connections, students who are trying to put forth their best effort but may fall short because they do not have the technical wherewithal to excel… students who are still acquiring new literacies.

Just thinking…



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